Faulty Security Led to Injury

Fight Back with an Injury Lawyer

Injury attorney William McBride has committed his career to fighting for justice on behalf of individuals and families who were hurt due to someone else’s negligence. Business properties, such as hotels, apartments, restaurants, theme parks, bars, retail stores, parking lots and more have a duty to the public to provide a safe environment to guests. This includes taking reasonable security precautions. If you suffered serious personal injuries because of faulty or negligent property security, you can take action against the property owner.

Types of Faulty or Negligent Security

Property owners are responsible for providing a reasonable level of security. Common forms of faulty security include:

  • The lock on a door at an apartment complex does not work properly, allowing nonresidents to enter the premises
  • The gate to a secured community does not close completely, allowing nonresidents to enter the premises
  • The lights at a public parking lot are burnt out, allowing attacks on people and property
  • Absence of security guards or staff members on properties where such a level of security is reasonable and necessary

Whether they are present or not, property owners are legally mandated to keep the premises free of hazards that could cause guest injuries. Property owners must routinely inspect properties for potential dangers; failure to do so can result in injuries.

When is the Property Owner Responsible for Injuries?

If you have been the victim of an assault or injury resulting from faulty security, you have rights. Landlords and property managers have the obligation to keep their security measures in good working order. They must ensure that locks, security doors, gates and lights function properly.

Even if a landlord or property manager is not notified that a problem exists, they may bear responsibility for accidents, assaults and injuries that occur when security measures are inadequate or in disrepair. However, if it is necessary to bring suit against a landlord or property manager, you will need the assistance of an experienced injury attorney.

You could potentially win compensation for any injuries or harm that you or your property suffered. Legal action could result in damages for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Psychological care, in the event that you were attacked
  • Lost wages due to the time needed for recovery
  • Hospital bills

Free Attorney Advice for Faulty Security Injuries

If you have experienced damages or injury due to faulty security on public or private property, do not delay. Contact our injury lawyers today for confidential, no-cost evaluation of your case. The legal team at William McBride Law Group offers compassionate legal counsel that can help you move forward from your injuries.

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