Hotel and Resort Injuries

Hurt at a Hotel or Resort? Contact Our Injury Lawyers to Hold the Responsible Parties Accountable

Have you been injured while visiting a hotel or resort? Whether you were vacationing with your family or you were in the middle of an important business trip, you have the right to pursue legal action for any personal injuries you may have suffered. Injury lawyer William McBride is on your side and wants to fight back on your behalf.

He understands firsthand the pain of having an injury affect one’s entire family, which is why he is committed to fighting aggressively for the justice and compensation you deserve. Known as an aggressive litigator, Attorney McBride prides himself on obtaining positive results for his clients.

hotel & resort injuries

Hotels and Resorts Must Follow Basic Safety Laws

Hotels invite the public onto their property to make a profit. However, because they are openly soliciting the public to enter their property, hotels must:

  • Provide a danger-free environment
  • Test and maintain emergency and fire equipment
  • Keep all entrances and exits free from obstruction
  • Prevent access to areas which are off-limits or dangerous to guests
  • Exercise reasonable care when overseeing the safety of guests
  • Provide adequate security if necessary

Standing water on a slippery surface or other hazards left on the floor can cause slip and fall accidents. Poorly maintained swimming pools can cause amoeba injuries and water borne illnesses. Drownings may occur due to lack of necessary and reasonable supervision. Improper safety regulations and uninspected elevators or machinery can even result in a wrongful death.

Hotels and resorts earn millions of dollars every year from travelers, families, business people and conventions. Maintenance and upkeep can be expensive, and to protect their profits, hotel owners do not always take the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for people on their premises. If they fail to provide a safe environment for their customers, they can and should be held liable for guest injuries that occur on their properties.

When Are Hotel Employees Liable for Injuries?

Hotels can also be held liable for the negligent conduct of their employees. All hotels, motels and resorts have an obligation to:

  • Provide adequate training to insure that all employees are aware of safety protocols
  • Require licensing of employees who deal with food preparation, security or facility machinery
  • Train employees on how to handle emergencies and render basic first aid
  • Require employees to identify hazards and address them as soon as possible

Free Lawyer Advice for Hotel Death or Injury

An injury on a family vacation or in the midst of a business excursion can have physical, financial and emotional consequences. A serious injury or death due to a hotel’s negligence can be tragic. It is important to seek the assistance of a caring injury attorney who will help guide you in making the best decision for your individual case. Contact our injury lawyers today for a no-cost, professional consultation about the pain you have suffered.

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