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Seeking Lost Wages from Your Employer? Let Attorney William McBride Help You Claim What You Are Owed

Loss of wages can severely affect an employee. Whether the worker is living alone or has to support a family, the loss of income created by a workplace illness or injury can have dramatic financial consequences. The employee may neglect health concerns and work while ill or injured to continue earning some income. He or she may forego necessary medical treatments due to the inability to pay or out of fear that taking time off will lead to termination. Attorney William McBride is on your side and knows this is unacceptable. Attorney William McBride is committed to getting injured workers what they need to keep themselves and their families alive while they are recovering and has dedicated his career to helping those who have been affected by serious personal injuries.

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Will My Wages Continue After an Accident or Injury?

No worker should ever put their employment before health, although this is a difficult decision to make when you have a family to support. In the case of illness or injury due to workplace negligence, a worker is entitled to continue receiving income from their employer. Continuation of Pay – or COP – is the on-going payment of a worker’s regular wages following a work related illness or injury. COP is not considered compensation and is not subject to federal and state tax withholding or retirement deductions. COP is paid to the worker for a fixed period of time following the diagnosis of a workplace illness or injury and can help relieve the financial burden suffered by so many debilitated employees.

Lawyers That Handle Continuation of Pay After a Workplace Injury

Injuries eligible for COP include trauma to the:

  • Arms or legs;
  • Hands or feet;
  • Eyes or tongue;
  • Thumb, fingers or toes;
  • Kidney, larynx or lungs.

There are very few circumstances in which an employer may deny an employee their COP benefits. If you find yourself having to fight for what you rightfully deserve, you may need the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Find an Attorney That Protects Workers and Employees’ Rights

Certain employment laws are designed to help you recover from a work-related illness or injury. If you have suffered an on-the-job wound, call our office today. We offer a no-cost consultation about your situation, and we have the experience you need when considering legal action. Our attorneys offer services to both English and Spanish speakers, and we can help anyone, regardless of their immigration status. Call Attorney William McBride to take the first steps towards reclaiming your lost wages.

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