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Miny Espinoza

Celia was great, and always an immense help! She’s very attentive, patient and answered all my questions! Was beyond happy with her and all she did!

Pilar Guevara

I would definitely recommend this office Celia!!! Is the best very helpful understanding, in everything takes the time to listen and to understand your needs was always there for ever phone call email, made things much more easier in a hard situation. Thank you Celia

Tania Lopez

Celia was wonderful! Very attentive and helpful. Always willing to do more!


I was originally working with another law firm, and I switched over to ,lawyer William they were able to close my case quick and work with me. Thank you to everyone on the team!!!

Eve River

Excellent job with communication! Also at explaining everything to my understanding. I like how she is bilingual so if there was something I wouldn’t understand completely in English. She would be able to explain to me in Spanish.

Bryan Gonzalez

William McBride Law Group is a highly professional firm. We personally had a great experience with them as they were very attentive, patient, and helpful whenever we had questions about our case. Our case manager Celia was an outstanding professional in every step of the process when it came to resolving our case. Highly recommend William McBride Law Group!

Luisa Ortiz

I feel fortunate to say that I had William McBride Law Group to represent our case! Whenever going through any legal matter it can be uneasy and stressful but William McBride did a phenomenal job as they were helpful and willing to go the extra mile to resolve our case. Our case manager Celia was truly a caring individual who was always attentive and handled our case with the upmost professionalism. Would 100% recommend William McBride Law Group!

Sharon Johnson

Hello let’s just start by saying I worked with Mary Salas for one year and not once have she ever ignored my phone calls are needs. She works well under stress if any and very attentively to her cases. I would recommend this law firm to anyone. Mr. William was the same exact way very caring and respectful not to put any other law firm down, but this is the best one I have ever seen in my time. I have worked for numerous of law firms in my past but this is one awesome firm. I am thankful for my two sister in law they were injury in Fort Worth Texas and called Ms. Mary to seek help for them and little did I know Mr William has business there and all over the United States…so grateful to have met this law firm. Thanks to the entire staff and Mr. William a good boss leads his staffs and it shows. Thanks to all!

Arlene Marquez

Absolutely recommend! I was working with a different attorney prior to working with Mr.McBride and making the move was the right thing. Mr.McBride went above my expectations and truly fought hard for my case.

Sharamae Elsom

Miss glory, help me with my lawsuit. She did a wonderful job always answer the phone on time and answer all my questions.

Victor Torres

This is the best law firm that you will find for an auto accident I don’t know why some people because don’t get a million dollars out of their case they would leave a bad review to the best lawyer you can find to help you and more for an auto accident, I personal had the experience to have this law firm working my case and they helped me tremendously, the law firm always gave me an update about my case, If I ever will need a lawyer I will not call another lawyer than William McBride.👍👍👍

Tiny Blanca

Most professional and guaranteed help! Highly recommend lawyers for accidents ! Spanish and English help. 100%

Vianet Manriquez

Very professional and helpful, my experience was amazing! I really recommend this firm.

Miguelito Aquilera

I recommend them, all so professional and everything was done with lots of care.

Wanda Lopez

The firm was very professional and efficient. Great attorney who cares!

Luis Portillo

Very grateful for the help received in my case, it was an excellent job by lawyer William and his staff, thank you very much!

Anyee Oseguera

Excellent Professional Services with very friendly treatment.
I especially recommend Celia Pedraza, who was always very attentive throughout the entire process.

Marcos Sanchez

I am very grateful to you and your team and for the help provided to resolve my Case. Thank you again, lawyer William and team.

Rosa Pena

They did an excellent job, they are very kind, I want to congratulate CELIA PEDRAZA, she did an excellent job, I highly recommend them.

Angel Mungula

Many thanks to Lawyer William and his entire team, we are very satisfied with the service and good work they did.

Alejandro Otero

One of the best lawyers I have ever met, sincere, Christian and a family man. Ask for Daniel if you go with this firm.

Maria Quinones

It is an experienced law firm. I contacted him because he speaks Spanish and he understands my needs. The process was a little long but safe.

Ruben Hernandez

The best experience with the lawyer and his entire team

Jose Gomez

Honest sincere and direct

Jaems Marie

I recommend them!!!

Karen Majed-Davila


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