Failure To Pay Final Check Wage

Is Your Employer Withholding Your Final Paycheck? Our Employment Law Attorneys Will Fight for Your Rights

Whether leaving your job was your choice or your employer’s, it can still be a very tough transition to make. Your life and the lives of anyone depending on you will have to go through a big change that could involve a long job search and a period where you struggle to make ends meet. During a time like that, the last thing you need is your ex-employer withholding money you were counting on to help you and your family get by. If your former employer failed to issue your final paycheck, our employment lawyers can help you determine the best option to pursue regarding your possible employment compensation claim.

Employment lawyer William McBride knows what is like to go through hard times. That is why he founded William McBride Law Group, so that he could fight against the unfair treatment of individuals and families. Attorney McBride and his legal team have the experience, expertise and determination to help their clients recover what is rightfully theirs.

Does My Former Employer Have the Right to Withhold My Final Paycheck?

Do not accept what your employer tells you at face value. Employers will take every opportunity to look out for their best interests, even going so far as to:

  • Withhold the final paycheck of an employee who was injured on the job until he or she agrees to sign a release of company liability
  • Make deductions beyond the standard federal/state withholding, medical and retirement deductions
  • Withhold the final paycheck of an employee who the employer believes is liable for damage to company property
  • Deliberately recalculating an employee’s wages to deny him or her full pay or factoring in a repayment for a loan or advance the employer provided to the employee

While an employer’s responsibility to issue you your final paycheck can differ depending on what state you are in, in most cases, your former employer does not have the right to withhold your final paycheck or make any deductions from your paycheck beyond the standard deductions. If your former employer is violating your rights in this way, discuss your concerns with our employment lawyers. We can help you decide what your best option is to make sure those responsible are held accountable and you recover what you are owed.

Employment Attorneys That Handle Final Paycheck Disputes

As you attempt to get back on your feet, do not allow an ex-employer to hold you back or put you and your family through additional suffering by unlawfully withholding your final paycheck. Regardless of your legal status, you still have rights. Our employment law attorneys fight to get you justice. For a confidential, no-cost evaluation of your case, contact us today.

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