Employment Compensation Claims

Unfair Treatment at Work? Our Employment Lawyers File Employment Compensation Claims On Your Behalf

No one wants to file an employment compensation claim, but if you do an honest day’s work, you deserve an honest day’s pay. Unfortunately, many employers choose not to abide by this simple standard. There is no excuse for an employer withholding your wages. Employers use a variety of attempts to avoid paying you properly, such as classifying you as an independent contractor when you work full-time or requiring you to work without overtime pay. Employment law attorney William McBride and the legal team at William McBride Law Group will fight for your rights.

If you feel that your employers have given you no other choice than to file an employment compensation claim, William McBride and his team of employment attorneys can help you get back what they owe you under employment law. Attorney McBride will not rest until his clients’ needs are met and justice is served.

Types of Employment Compensation Claims

There are several reasons to seek an employment compensation claim. If you even suspect that an employer may be withholding compensation from you, you should have an employment attorney look into it.

Common types of employment compensation claims include:

Pursuing an Employment Compensation Claim

When preparing to make an employment compensation claim against an employer, first and foremost, you should seek the council of an employment lawyer and follow his or her advice concerning everything regarding your case. Time is a critical factor in employment compensation claims, and missing a deadline could end your claim prematurely. Beyond that, you may want to:

  • Retrieve a copy of all the hours you worked from your employer
  • Document all of your interactions with your employer concerning the incident
  • Find any witnesses that can confirm your side of the story

Free Attorney Advice for Employment Compensation Claims

You and your family should not have to suffer because of the negligence of your employer. You have rights and deserve justice, and our employment attorneys are not afraid to fight to get it for you. Attorney McBride founded William McBride Law Group to help people just like you who are suffering injustice due to the fault of someone else. Contact us today for a confidential, no-cost evaluation of your case. We want to hear from you. Our injury attorneys assist both Spanish and English-speaking clientele, and we can work with you regardless of your immigration status.

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