Compensation For Work Related Injuries

Hurt at Work or Suffer an On-the-Job Injury?

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Attorney William McBride understands how overwhelming it feels when a loved one is hurt on the job. When a worker is injured on the job or develops an occupational disease, that injury will affect the person’s income, family and livelihood. William McBride founded his firm with a mission to assist individuals and their families in putting their lives back together after suffering overwhelming personal injuries.

Lawyers That Handle Catastrophic Work Related Accidents

A work related injury is defined as any injury sustained while engaging in job-related duties. Catastrophic accidents, repetitive stress injuries and disease can all cause work related injuries.

Even if employees make the effort to protect themselves from injury, they may still be victims of accidents that result from unsafe conditions or an employer’s negligence. Catastrophic injuries can result from:

  • Explosions
  • Defective safety gear
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Unsafe or poorly maintained workplace equipment
  • Lack of safety equipment
  • Inadequate employee training
  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Forced overtime work when a worker is exhausted, injured or ill

Catastrophic personal injuries can result in emotional, physical and financial devastation. In many cases, the injured employee can no longer work or support his or her family at the same level as before. The employee may require home modification if he or she lost a limb or became paralyzed. Many families find it necessary to pursue legal action to ensure that they can remain financially afloat after a loved one has suffered an on-the-job injury. Your attorney can work with you to determine what your family needs in terms of compensation.

I Need a Repetitive Stress Injury Attorney

Sometimes workplace injuries are not caused by accidents. Repetition of the same movements over time can result in repetitive stress injuries. These include conditions such as hearing loss, tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome. These injuries can occur in any workplace setting, including offices, factories, mechanical shops, construction accidents, semi-trucks, schools and retail establishments.

Find an Occupational Diseases and Illnesses Lawyer

After long-term exposure to certain toxic chemicals and substances, employees can develop occupational diseases. Exposure to substances like asbestos and lead paint has been proven to cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, nerve damage and heart failure.

State and federal regulations prohibit workers from exposure to certain deadly substances. If an employer does not follow these regulations, they may be liable for any resulting illnesses.

Call Our Injury Attorney to Protect Your Rights After a Work Related Injury

The team at William McBride Law Group offers compassionate and understanding legal counsel. Call our office today for a confidential and free consultation about your injuries. We protect the rights of all workers, regardless of their immigration status. Whether you are pursuing a workers’ compensation claim or considering legal action, we are prepared to help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

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