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Drowning and near drowning accidents can occur even in presumably safe environments. Each summer, stories of drowning and near drownings are reported at public pools, hotels, theme parks and water parks. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), ten accidental drowning deaths occur every day. In the home, countless young children annually fall victim to drowning in unattended pools and water buckets.

If you have suffered an unimaginable tragedy because of someone drowning, injury attorney William McBride is prepared to help you get justice and compensation for your pain. His aggressive litigation style when pursuing justice from negligent people and organizations gets results.

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Negligence Can Cause Drowning and Near Drowning

Negligence occurs when the owner of a public swimming area has not properly maintained the property. Pool and waterfront owners that cause individuals to drown due to Disney World accidents are obligated to keep their grounds and equipment in good working order, as well as ensuring the safety of guests by posting adequate signage and providing trained lifeguards.

Private negligence may occur when pool owners do not use pool covers, do not have motion triggered alarms or do not have adequate fence latches to prevent children from accessing the pool area. Pool owners should always have emergency flotation devices readily available, and owners of decorative ponds should always be aware of accessibility to their display.

Who is Responsible for Drowning Accidents?

Poorly designed pool products can cause drowning. Personal injuries can occur due to pool heater explosions, sump pumps electrifying the water, and drain covers catching clothing or feet. Though not all these instances result in drowning, they are pool-related product liability issues.

Different states have different laws governing the liability of swimming area owners for drowning or near drowning accidents that occur on their property. Drowning accidents that occur on city, state or federal properties are governed by still different statutes. It is essential to discuss your potential case with an injury lawyer to fully understand your rights.

Injury Lawyers That Handle Drowning Cases

If a loved one has fallen victim to the tragedy of a drowning or near drowning, contact our office. The legal team at William McBride Law Group has over 45 combined years of personal injury expertise, and is able to treat your case with the care and attention it deserves. Regardless of your family’s current situation, we want to hear your story.

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