Injuries from Defective Seat Belts

Were You Injured from a Defective Seat Belt?

Seat belts are an important defense against the personal injuries that can result from a car accident. Most families would never put their children in a car without properly securing the seat belts, yet seat belt defects are more common than people believe. These defects are often the result of faulty designs that fail to protect drivers and passengers involved in an auto accident. When defective seat belts fail, serious injuries will occur.

Our personal injury attorneys fight to secure financial compensation for you and your family to recover from your auto related injuries. We are not afraid to stand up against powerful corporations when their negligent actions cause innocent people harm. Corporations and insurance companies have teams of lawyers on their side, fighting against your claims. Auto defect lawyer William McBride and his nationwide team of experienced attorneys in offices across Florida and the major cities of Albuquerque, Denver, Seattle and near Boston, will be on your side. We are prepared to fight back for you.

Common Seat Belt Defects and Failures

Whether through design or poorly executed manufacturing, there are many different areas where a seat belt can be defective. Design defects include placing the seat belt in a position that will cause the buckle to “unlatch” in a crash, or using inferior parts that cause the buckle to break internally during a crash. Door-mounted automatic seat belts may shift the force of impact directly onto the neck, causing spinal cord injuries and death.

Seat belt defects dramatically decrease a vehicle’s crashworthiness and often times result in injuries significantly more traumatic than if no seat belt were worn at all. Car manufacturers must that ensure their products are safe and reliable.

Seat Belt Defects and Manufacturer Liability

Sadly, auto manufacturers do not always provide their customers with seat belt systems that are safe and reliable. Even if they know about design or manufacturing flaws, they often do not issue recalls or replacements for faulty belts and latches due to the high cost. By prioritizing profit over safety, auto manufacturers have lulled many drivers and passengers into a false sense of security.

Everyone who rides in a car, truck or SUV should feel confident that their seat belt will perform as expected by keeping everyone in the vehicle as safe as possible in the event of a crash. Auto manufacturers who conceal seat belt defects must be held accountable for the injuries brought on by their substandard products.

Personal Injury Attorneys That Handle Defective Seat Belt Claims

When seeking legal representation for injuries or death resulting from faulty seat belts, it is important to retain a legal representative who specializes in automotive defects, like an auto defect lawyer from William McBride Law Group.

Defective seat belt cases are more detailed than personal injury cases, and obtaining damage awards requires a thorough knowledge of consumer protection laws and case precedents. Defective seat belts are a serious cause of injury, and you have the right to present your case in a court of law. You have the right to pursue compensation for your medical bills, pain, suffering and loss of income—if you or someone you know has been injured due to defective seat belts, contact our law office nearest you today.

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