Determine Vehicle’s Crashworthiness

What is Crashworthiness?

During an auto accident, the severity of a victim’s injuries is often determined by the vehicle’s crashworthiness. If the vehicle manufacturer fails to ensure that their vehicles and car parts adequately protect passengers during collisions, they could be held legally responsible for any injury suffered or wrongful death.

Personal injury attorney William McBride is known as an aggressive fighter in the courtroom. When he learns of an individual or family hurt due to a vehicle’s failure to meet the standards of crashworthiness, he is prepared to aggressively fight to have car manufacturers answer to the public for their defective products. By protecting consumers, Attorney McBride seeks to hold corporations accountable to not only the individual victim, but everyone who uses the roadways.

Is the Auto Manufacturer Responsible for My Car Crash?

When purchasing a vehicle, most consumers expect that a vehicle offers a reasonable amount of protection should it become involved in a collision. All accidents have the potential to cause harm, but they become even more dangerous when a vehicle is poorly designed or manufactured. It is essential to hold vehicle manufacturers responsible for the injuries caused by such defective products. In addition to providing compensation for the victims of the accident, such legal actions could also ensure that a standard of safety is upheld for the benefit of everyone on the road.

Modern vehicles are immensely complex machines and have many different areas where things can go wrong. A vehicle’s crashworthiness can be compromised by:

The legal team at William McBride Law Group has an understanding of what constitutes a safe vehicle. With years of experience in examining the circumstances of an auto accident, our accident lawyers and investigators will determine what went wrong with the vehicle.

Accident Lawyers That Handle Car Crash Claims Across Florida, New Mexico, near Boston and Seattle

There are many problems you may have to handle after a car accident, but you do not have to handle them alone. Attorney McBride offers compassion, experience along with the qualifications you need when you have been hurt and are considering legal action.

Vehicle manufacturers will do everything in their power to discredit your claim to avoid paying for your medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages and pain. It is essential to have qualified and experienced legal counsel on your side as you take up the fight against the vehicle manufacturer that contributed to your injuries. Speak with our accident lawyers today for a no-cost consultation in English or Spanish. After a professional evaluation of your case by a personal injury attorney, you will be able to make the very best decisions for yourself and your family.

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