How Was a Fire Truck Stolen in Hillsborough County?

October 24, 2014

In late September, a man stole a Hillsborough County Fire Rescue pickup truck and caused a seven-vehicle crash on Interstate 275. Sadly, according to The Tampa Tribune, the man was attempting to commit suicide by stealing the truck and driving against traffic on the interstate.

Fortunately, Tampa officers and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies were able to block access to the entrance and exit ramps of I-275.

However, the man driving the stolen fire truck crashed into several vehicles. One person was sent to the hospital, and two officers were injured while trying to apprehend the man.

How Did the Man Steal the Fire Truck?

Before stealing the fire truck, the man had stolen another vehicle and crashed into a utility pole. When police and the fire department arrived on scene, a fire battalion chief got out of his truck at which point the man jumped into the pickup truck and sped off.

Police were able to keep track of where the fire truck was going through a black box on the vehicle. When the man could not enter I-275, he sped up and crashed into a wall and into the back of a Saturn.

While it is fortunate that this did not result in any fatalities, some are wondering why the fire truck was left unattended. The man might not have been able to steal the pickup if it had been locked.

The Hillsborough County Fire Rescue should review its procedures on leaving a vehicle unattended and make changes if necessary.

If you have been injured by a negligent party, make sure you hire an experienced law firm to represent you.

Did You Know? According to The Tampa Tribune, since February of this year, there have been five crashes and 11 deaths on interstates in the Tampa area.


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