Road Accidents and Spinal Injuries: Legal Support for McBride Personal Injury Lawyer

May 7, 2024

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If you or someone you know have been the unfortunate victim of a road accident in the city that resulted in a spinal injury, it might be wise to consult a personal injury lawyer in Denver to learn if you are entitled to any compensation that may alleviate your/victim’s situation to at least some extent. 

As the largest city in the state, Denver has its fair share of road accidents, and even as a county, Denver ranked third in fatalities stemming from road accidents in 2022. The city sees hundreds of road accidents each year, and thankfully, a relatively small fraction of them turn deadly. However, many of the remaining result in life-altering injuries, like spinal injuries.

The Complex Nature of Spinal Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be divided into a number of different classes and categories and can be seen from a number of different perspectives. If we classify the injuries based on their location, there are four – cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral, each representing a segment of the spinal cord and covering multiple vertebrae. The injuries can also be classified based on the level of impact, i.e., Tetraplegia and Paraplegia, which refer to different levels of paralysis due to spinal cord injuries. 

While a wide range of accidents can lead to spinal cord injuries, the intensity of road accidents and the position of driver/passengers inside the vehicle are among the reasons that make them a leading cause of spinal cord injuries. The nature of the injury would be a focal point for the personal injury lawyer in Denver who will handle your accident case. 

What Kind of Compensation Can a Car Accident Victim Get?

When someone experienced a spinal injury because of a road accident, a personal injury lawyer in Denver can make the case that the victim was not at fault, and the insurance company of the accused will have to pay the damages since Colorado (like the majority of US states) follow a fault-based insurance system.

That requires proving the negligence of the person who hit the victim, which may be anything from speeding to texting while driving. Since spinal injuries can be life-altering, the compensation a victim is entitled to can be significant. The victim’s lawyer may ask the accused’s insurance to cover several things, including:

  • Medical care beyond deductibles (home care, special equipment, etc.).
  • Loss of wages or livelihood. 
  • Pain and suffering (both short and long-term).
  • Pain and suffering of the dependants. 

Excellent Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver For Road Accidents and Spinal Injuries

When you have a case as complex and sensitive as a road accident that led to spinal injuries, it must be handled with utmost care and experience. It’s crucial to look for a lawyer who has extensive experience with such cases and specializes in this area.

When in Denver, an excellent choice is William McBride Law Group. Our experienced personal injury lawyer has extensive experience in getting victims of road accident claims and receiving just compensation, making a case for both the short-term and long-term impact a wide range of spinal injuries can have on the victim’s life.

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