Slip & Fall Accidents in Denver

Were You Injured in a Slip and Fall in Denver?

Any person who has resided in or spent a portion of the winter in Colorado understands the hazards posed by trying not to fall on snow-covered or icy Denver, Colorado sidewalks and local roadways. If you are injured attempting to walk on such surfaces in a slip or fall accident, it is possible you have the right to pursue a legal claim to help you with the monetary burden of your injuries and any other damages.

The injuries from a slip and fall on an icy Denver sidewalk or a snow-covered road can vary from broken bones and bruising to a traumatic head injury, and, in the worst cases, death. There are some injuries from a slip and fall on ice that can leave a family member or loved one with physical ailments that will last a lifetime. The expected long term physical disabilities, potential lost income, emotional stress, diminished enjoyment from daily activities, mental impairment and scarring can all add up to make ice slip and fall injuries catastrophic to a person’s quality of life.

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Who Can be Held Responsible for the Injuries In A Slip and Fall?

The initial step in determining who caused the accident in a slip and fall legal matter is to determine who was responsible for ensuring safe passage on the property. The property owner, property manager, property occupant or property tenant, can all be determined to be responsible for making sure that the sidewalk touching their property are considered reasonably safe for people walking on the surfaces.

If you were hurt in a slip and fall incident on an icy and unsafe Denver sidewalk, you may have a legal claim against the person responsible for the property. We are here to help you when a property owner is negligent about keeping snow or ice removed from local sidewalks.

Even people who are at least partially responsible for a slip and fall injury may still be able to file a claim for any injuries in a slip and fall accident.

In Colorado, a modified comparative fault standard for negligence claims has been adopted. See Generally C.R.S. § 13-21-111. This means that in a slip and fall accident, both involved parties could be determined to have a specific percentage of responsibility for the injury. Even if a person has been found to be up to 50% responsible for Denver slip and fall, he or she can still seek compensation from the other person.

Denver, Colorado Regulations for Sidewalk Snow Removal

Pursuant to Denver City Code Sec. 29-551, the snow and ice from a storm system must be removed immediately after a fresh snowfall by property owners. This includes sidewalk areas and ADA adjacent ramps, so that everyone has safe access.

Residences need to have their sidewalks cleared by the next day.

Never Allow a Slip and Fall Injury To Derail Your Life

A Denver slip and fall injury does not have to negatively impact your life in the future. Contact the slip and fall personal injury attorneys from the William McBride Law Group, P.A. for effective legal representation. We will assess your claim and explain your options for recouping the money you deserve.

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