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Involved in a Multi-car Pileup? Our Accident Attorneys Can Investigate the Crash

Automobile accidents that involve multiple cars piling up are not uncommon occurrences in the United States. In areas with heavily used highways, a combination of poor visibility, road hazards and reckless drivers can create the unsafe driving conditions that can lead to catastrophic multi-vehicle collisions. Car pileups almost always result in at least one significant car accident injury or possibly death. If a multi-vehicle wreck has affected you or your family, an accident attorney may be able to help you.

William McBride was raised to believe in justice for everyone. He has dedicated his career to helping individuals and families who have suffered overwhelming personal injuries and require the help of a car accident lawyer. If you have been hurt, he and the legal team at William McBride Law Group in Orlando, Kissimmee and Tampa FL are prepared to fight for justice on your behalf. With additional offices in Colorado, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Washington, we offer compassionate but aggressive legal counsel nationwide that will stop at nothing to get you what you need to recover.

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What Causes Multiple Car Pileup Accidents?

Lack of visibility is a common cause of multiple-vehicle accidents. Fog is a frequent contributor to pileups, especially in areas like Seattle WA. However, Gulf States like Florida also tend to experience downpours that deluge highways in the major cities of Orlando, Tampa and Kissimmee, making it impossible to see and incredibly dangerous to drive. Areas with drier climates, such as New Mexico, bring their own set of hazards, like smoke from wildfires that burn near highways and obscure the vision of motorists.

Sadly, not all motorists drive defensively in poor conditions. Some drive as they normally would, failing to leave sufficient stopping distance in the event of unforeseen obstacles, slick roads or accidents that have already occurred, which can cause more accidents resulting in car accident injury. Drunk drivers are an even bigger danger in such conditions, because they are often unable to comprehend and react to any activity on the highway.

Car pileups often happen in the blink of an eye. If you find yourself driving with low visibility or in a high amount of traffic, it is essential that you drive with caution and diligence. In the event of a multiple car pileup, filing a legal claim for injuries or accidental death helps to establish your rights and determine liability. Contact a car accident lawyer at our experienced personal injury law firm committed to gaining results for you today for a free consultation of your case.

If You Are Involved in a Pileup, Find an Accident Attorney Who Will Stop at Nothing to Uphold Your Legal Rights

Protect yourself. At William McBride Law Group located across Florida as well as our offices in Denver CO, Boston MA, Albuquerque NM and Seattle WA, we know that many different parties may be wholly or partially at fault after an accident, including state agencies, trucking companies and private drivers.

If you or a loved one has sustained a car accident injury from a multi-car pileup, contact our car accident lawyers today. Call our office for a free consultation and assessment of your case. We take most personal injury cases on contingency, which means you pay nothing upfront. We are dedicated to helping individuals and their families move forward from the horror and pain that comes after a car accident. Our attorneys speak English and Spanish, with a commitment to fighting for anyone who has been unjustly and unnecessarily hurt regardless of your immigration status.

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