Who is Responsible for Boat Explosion?

July 29, 2015

According to a report by WOFL Fox 35 Orlando, a boat engine burst into flames with people still on board. After attempting to take off at full throttle, passengers reported hearing a loud bang before the engine exploded, launching one passenger from the ski boat. The unlucky passenger, who had been sitting directly over the engine at the moment of explosion, was catapulted from the vehicle and into the water. After the boat engine had caught fire, the remaining passengers jumped into the water to escape before the boat became fully enveloped in flames. Miraculously, none of the passengers sustained any serious injury—only two of them suffering from minor burns on their legs. However, the boat itself was completely destroyed. Fire officials on the scene said they did not want to risk any fuel leaking into the water, so they allowed the boat to burn up completely.

How Common are Recreational Boating Accidents?

With summer now in full swing, recreational boating accidents like this will unfortunately be more common. The U.S. Coast Guard defines a boating accident as any event that involves the injury or death of a passenger, a person disappearing with suspicion that they are injured or dead, or if the boat causes or sustains any damage.  A report by the Coast Guard reveals that 4,064 boating accidents occurred in 2014. As a result of these accidents, 610 people died, 2,678 were injured and $39 million in damages was caused.

If you are involved in any sort of boating accident you may be entitled to damages from the negligent party, whether that’s the operator, manufacturer, or otherwise. Contact a personal injury lawyer today to discuss your options going forward.

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