Why Do Vehicles Crash Into Buildings?

March 4, 2015

Unfortunately, in Florida, we often read reports about vehicles crashing into buildings. These crashes are a tremendous public burden, because they can involve catastrophic injuries and/or death.

In fact, the issue of vehicle-building collisions is becoming so prevalent that the Miami Herald did an investigative piece on it, reporting that some jurisdictions are looking into new laws that may require buffers in front of buildings being constructed.

“Cars [crash] into grocery stores. Cars [crash] into gas stations. Cars [crash] into homes, hospitals, nursing homes, even insurance companies,” the Herald reported. “Whether it’s speed, crashes or police pursuits, cars bursting through buildings are all too routine.”

According to the Herald, more than 60 car-concrete crashes happen in the U.S. on a daily basis, causing 10 serious issues each day. So why do vehicle-building accidents occur?

There seems to be no consistent answer—one safety expert said that drivers can be young and old, and that they sometimes involve drivers mistaking an accelerator for a brake. Additional reasons for building-car collisions include medical emergencies, drunk driving and police chases.

A representative for the North Miami Police Department said there was “no exact science” to the crashes. It boils down to a driver losing control. When that happens, “anything in the way is a potential obstacle,” the Herald reported.

One Person Killed After Car Crashes into Orlando Business

We bring this issue up because on February 21, a driver was killed and a pedestrian was injured in a single vehicle crash in Orlando, near the East Colonial Drive and Shine Avenue intersection.

According to WESH-TV, the crash occurred around 12:30 p.m., when a driver was attempting to come out of the Publix parking lot, before hitting a structure and crashing into Sunlight Nail Supply. The car reportedly struck a woman who was walking on the sidewalk before it crashed into the building.

Witnesses said they heard the car accelerating prior to the crash. The accident remains under investigation, although there has been speculation that a medical emergency played a role.

Working with an Attorney Following a Vehicle Accident

As we reported last week when we discussed a case involving a vehicle striking a daycare facility in Florida, by working with an attorney through a lawsuit, you may be able to obtain damages for pain and suffering if another party caused an automobile accident. This includes instances where you may want to have a building-vehicle accident investigated.

Continue to follow our blog to stay up to date about injury news and vehicle accidents in Florida. We like to update our posts with information including statistics and trends.


Source: http://www.wesh.com/news/fatal-crash-closes-busy-orlando-highway/31402068

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