Two Killed in Southern Putnam County Motorcycle Accident

June 10, 2015

Two people riding the same motorcycle died in a collision with a truck in Southern Putnam County, Florida.

As reported by News4JAX, at about 10p.m. on May 31, the driver of a truck headed south on U.S. 17 attempted to turn left onto Reed Bell Drive. The turn took the truck across the path of a motorcycle northbound on U.S. 17, causing an accident that resulted in the deaths of both the driver and passenger of the motorcycle. This tragic accident serves as an all-too-familiar reminder of the serious danger posed to motorcyclists involved in collisions with larger vehicles.

The Florida Highway Patrol report covering the incident in Southern Putnam County faults the truck for failure to yield to the motorcycle before attempting the turn onto Reed Bell. The driver of the motorcycle could not stop or evade the truck in time, and the impact caused both the driver and the passenger to be thrown from the motorcycle. Charges related to the crash are currently pending.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You after an Accident

If you find yourself dealing with a tragic accident, calling a motorcycle accident attorney is one of first things you should do to work toward being compensated for what was taken from you.

Whether you are pursuing damages for motorcycle injuries or wrongful death related to a motorcycle accident, contact our motorcycle accident attorneys to take the first step in getting started on your case, and we can work to help you move on after such a tragedy.

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