Trucker’s Poor Driving History Could Make Company Liable

April 3, 2015

The West Palm Beach truck driver from our previous blog from earlier this week could pose a legal danger to the company that hired him because of a disconcerting background check.The truck driver is in trouble because his trailer disconnected onto US 27 and killed four people. Officials eventually learned about his driving history that included bad inspection reports and traffic violations.

His previous violations include driving with subpar tires, bad brakes and inoperable headlamps. Additionally, he had a record of speeding, failing to stop at lights and driving with a suspended driver’s license. In some of these incidents, he did not show up to court and was arrested on three occasions. Eventually, he paid the fines and got his license back.

It still remains to be decided if this truck driver will be at fault for the detached trailer, or if the company that hired him will share the blame.

How Could a Trucking Company Be at Fault for a Truck Accident?

The trucking company can be liable for negligent hiring if an employee or contractor that they hire is someone who should not have been employed in the first place. Some companies may try to cut corners to save money by not spending the money or taking the time to perform criminal background tests, drug tests, researching driving record or accident history, as well as making sure the driver has a proper commercial driver’s license.

Commercial trucks are several thousand pounds, and if they hire someone who should not be operating these large machines, then it can put an entire highway at risk.

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