Trauma Expected with an Auto Accident

November 28, 2016

There is nothing quite as traumatic as being involved in a car accident on I4, just outside of Walt Disney World, even if your children only suffer minor injuries. But when injuries are serious, or there is a death due to the severity of the impact, trauma inevitably intensifies for all involved. Due to the size of a vehicle, when there is a collision, the chance of serious injury to any body part is high. We all understand that injuries of the head and neck are to be expected in a collision, but the personal injury attorneys of McBride, Scicchitano and Leacox P.A. want you to better understand other common injuries expected when motor vehicles collide.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A common debilitating injury likely to be suffered by either driver or passenger is a traumatic brain injury. The injury occurs when there is an impact that causes the brain to suddenly and violently change direction inside the skull, and it can also occur if there is direct penetration of the skull that pushes fragments into the brain. A victim will be fine one moment and the next moment life is abruptly changed.

The symptoms of a TBI will range from the mild, like a lingering headache, to something severe, like a lingering depression and sleepiness. The severity of the TBI symptoms will ultimately depend on the extent of the damage and the part of the brain affected. It is important to note that, even when there is no visible damage to the head, there could be hidden swelling and bleeding that can only be diagnosed with an MRI.

Internal Injuries

If there is an impact between one motor vehicle and another, or a motor vehicle and a substantial fixed object, internal injuries can occur. It is not unexpected for a victim to suffer injuries to the spleen, kidneys, liver, the heart or the main artery supplying blood to the body.

Diagnosis of internal injuries to organs will require blood tests to look for bleeding. In some instances, a CT scan or ultrasound will be utilized to identify internal swelling, tears and blood that has collected outside the blood vessels.

Chest Injuries

Most chest injuries will take the form of a cut or a bruise, but there can be fractured ribs. A driver is more prone to experiencing this type of injury due to the placement of the steering wheel, which allows minimal movement before the body collides with the steering wheel. Even if the driver does not collide with the steering wheel, they will still experience bruising due to the high level of force against the seat belt.

If the trauma associated with an automobile accident has adversely affected your life or the life of a family member, the experienced automobile accident attorneys from McBride Law Firm are prepared to review your case in a free consultation. Please call 888-302-9005 to schedule a time that will work well for your schedule.

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