Three Passengers, Flight Attendant Injured in Allegiant Air Emergency Landing

June 15, 2015

According to a report on the Tampa Bay Times website, an Allegiant Air flight made an emergency landing in Clearwater, Florida that resulted in injuries to three passengers and one flight attendant. At press time, Allegiant Air had no reports of any passengers being taken to hospitals or being treating at the scene of the landing.

The airliner, bound for Hagerstown, Maryland from the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport in Florida, was forced to land about twenty minutes after take-off when smoke appeared in the cabin of the plane.

As detailed in a report on the landing on, the Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Association has been critical of Allegiant Air, considered by some to be the United States’ most profitable airline, over ongoing mechanical issues dating to September 2014.

What to Do when Injured in an Emergency Landing

In situations like this that involve an airline that has received repeated criticism for failures of onboard equipment, a serious risk is posed to airliner passengers. Luckily, in this case, the pilots of the plane were able to land before a more serious, possibly life-threatening airplane accident took place.

While the emergency landing in Clearwater ended in a near-ideal fashion, it’s possible to sustain life-changing injuries in such rough landings. In the case of equipment failures on a plane, the airline is at fault for any injuries that may have taken place in an airplane accident. Anyone seriously injured in a plane crash or emergency landing that was caused by faulty airliner equipment should contact a Florida personal injury attorney for help in holding the responsible airliner accountable for its dangerous oversights.

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