Three Killed in Casselberry Car Accident

May 11, 2015

Sadly, three people were killed in a Casselberry car accident on May 5, at the intersection of State Road 436 and Winter Woods Boulevard.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the crash occurred at around 1 a.m., when a 27-year-old woman driving a Volvo attempted to make a left turn at the intersection, crashing into a Volkswagen driven by a 29-year-old man. The crash pushed the vehicles more than 150 feet, and a 22-year-old female passenger in the Volvo was thrown out of the vehicle.

Both occupants of the Volvo were transported to a local hospital where they later died. The man driving the Volkswagen was killed at the scene of the accident. The first people at the scene of the crash included an off-duty police officer and a fire department official, who attended to assist the victims. S.R. 436 is a divided highway near the intersection.

Officials are still investigating the accident, trying to determine who had the right of way in the crash. They said that they would speak to local businesses surrounding the intersection about obtaining any surveillance video that may help determine the accident cause. One investigator said speed might have played a role in the crash.

Seeking Legal Guidance Following a Car Accident

While it may seem difficult to do so after a fatal vehicle accident takes the life of a loved one, speaking to an attorney as quickly as possible is very important. An attorney can conduct an independent investigation, aside from the one conducted at the local level, while evidence is fresh that may help determine fault. This can be incredibly helpful when someone is moving forward with litigation, holding a negligent driver or his or her estate liable.

Remember, wrongful death cases often result from auto accidents. Nothing is more tragic than unexpectedly losing a loved one in a fatal car accident. While no amount of money from a lawsuit will bring your loved one back, it can provide some closure and help your family recover financially.

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