Are There Recordkeeping Requirements for Motor Carriers?

October 29, 2014

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all trucking companies to maintain detailed records of every commercial motor vehicle (CMV) that they own and operate.

These companies must maintain the following records for more than 30 days:

  • Identifying information:
    • Company number
    • Make and model of the vehicle
    • Serial number
    • Year of the vehicle
    • Tire size
  • A schedule of inspections to be performed. It must explain the type and due date.
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance records
  • Records of tests on buses with push-out windows, emergency doors and marking lights.

Are Truck Drivers Required to Fill Out an Inspection Report?

FMCSA requires motor carriers to have their drivers conduct a daily post-trip inspection report at the end of each driving day.

What Must the Post-Trip Inspection Report Cover?

All drivers are responsible for preparing a post-trip inspection report. At the minimum, the post-trip inspection must cover the following:

  • Service brakes;
  • Trailer brake connections;
  • Parking brake;
  • Steering mechanism;
  • Lighting devices and reflectors;
  • Horn;
  • Tires;
  • Rearview mirrors;
  • Windshield wipers;
  • Coupling devices;
  • Wheels and rims;
  • Emergency equipment.

The driver must list any issues that could compromise the safety of the vehicle.

The FMCSA has strict regulations over the trucking industry. If a truck driver is negligent in following those rules, there are severe consequences that could lead to serious injury or death for others.

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