Albuquerque Attorney Video: No Fee Unless You Win

December 10, 2015

Personal Injury Lawyers Offering Free Attorney Advice

In this video, Albuquerque attorney William McBride explains that no matter what legal issues you are dealing with, his team of experienced personal injury lawyers stand ready to fight on your behalf against those responsible.

Worried whether you can afford a lawyer? Our English and Spanish speaking lawyers do not charge for a free consultation to learn about your legal rights and options. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only take payment if we are successful in obtaining a settlement or verdict for your claim.

Our personal injury lawyers help people who have been hurt in car and truck crashes, on-the-job injuries and construction accidents. We assist people with workers’ comp claims, insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits. To learn more about our work representing clients in New Mexico and throughout the nation, give us a call at 1 (800) 336-6000 today for free attorney advice.

Video Transcription:

I’m Will McBride, a fighting New Mexico lawyer. I fight to win money for my clients who have been hurt in car accidents, work accidents or when a loved one has been killed. If you’ve been hurt by anyone or anything, call me now at 1-800-LAWYERS to get my team of lawyers and me to fight to win money for you. You won’t spend a dime for our legal services unless we win. Call now. 1-800-LAWYERS. We fight to win. 1-800-LAWYERS.

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