How Safe Are Pedestrians in Florida Crosswalks?

A Local 6 report reveals that some Florida crosswalks can be very dangerous for pedestrians.

One Orlando woman interviewed by Local 6 refuses to use a crosswalk spanning Edgewater Drive whenever she brings her children to Dartmouth Park.“[Y]ou can’t be sure they’re going to stop,” she told Local 6.

Lisa Bell, one of the news station’s anchors, tried to cross with an empty bright yellow stroller as a test example, and several motorists just kept on coming despite the appearance of a woman with a baby stroller in the crosswalk.

Orlando has had at least 200 pedestrian accidents each year, and the National Complete Streets Coalition has named the city as the most dangerous for pedestrians in the whole country for several years, according to the Local 6 report.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a tragic accident occurred on the night of June 10 that left a 75-year-old woman dead after she tried to cross a marked crosswalk in her motorized wheelchair. According to the news article, a man from Apopka driving a Jeep Wrangler struck the woman as she moved through a crosswalk near Orlando’s Holden Avenue.

What if a Florida Pedestrian Accident Affects You or Your Family?

Medical bills, lost wages due to time out of work, or the tragic loss of a loved one in the worst possible case are common problems that result from pedestrian accidents. A Florida personal injury attorney can help you find out if you qualify for damages for any wrongful death or injury suffered in a pedestrian accident.

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