Four Family Members Killed When Trailer Detaches

March 30, 2015

Tragedy has struck the family and friends of a Florida mother and her three teenage children, all of whom were killed when a trailer detached, causing a pileup auto accident. Only a few months previously, the family had barely escaped a house fire that destroyed their home.

The car accident occurred before sunrise on a foggy early morning. The trailer of an independent contractor for Okeelanta Sugar Mill detached and the victim’s car struck the trailer while she was attempting to avoid it. Soon afterwards, a pickup truck hit the trailer, followed by another tractor-trailer, which hit the victim’s car when trying to avoid the detached trailer.

Who is at Fault if a Detached Trailer Causes a Car Accident?

The party at fault in a detached trailer accident depends on a few factors. For instance, investigators would have to find out how and why the trailer detached. If the trailer was defective, then the manufacturer could be at fault. If it was not properly installed, then the driver or the driver’s company could be at fault, if the motorist is a professional driver for a business.

In addition to manufacturing defects and installation errors, trailers could detach due to excessive weight or reckless driving.

Consult an Experienced Trucking Liability Attorney

Trucking liability cases involving detached trailers can be complex, as the fault could rest on the shoulders of one or multiple parties. Therefore, you want to make sure you hire a personal injury attorney with experience investigating truck accidents and fighting for the rights of injured motorists both inside and outside of the courtroom.

To see how our firm helps injured motorists throughout the state of Florida, follow our legal blog.



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