Theme Park Injuries And Death

Were You Hurt at a Theme Park?

Attorney McBride fights aggressively on behalf of people affected by serious personal injuries. After seeing his family suffer from injustice at a young age, he decided to dedicate his career to helping people seek the justice they deserve when they are hurt by a company’s negligence. Injury attorney William McBride offers qualified and experienced legal representation to stand up and fight against the negligent corporations that own and operate theme parks.

Serious injuries or wrongful deaths that occur at a theme park are especially traumatic and often involve innocent children. The public trusts the safety of amusement attractions, and guests arrive at the gates expecting a fun-filled day. Serious injury or death is the furthest thing from their minds, and the long-term effects from injury or loss caused by theme park negligence can be psychologically devastating.

theme park injuries

Lawyers That Handle Theme Park Injuries and Water Park Accidents

Theme park companies stand to earn millions of dollars from customers on their property. However, they are legally mandated to maintain safe premises, and they can be held liable for harm their guests suffer. No member of the public should ever have to suffer harm because of a theme park company’s failure to maintain their property.

Many people think that roller coasters are the most dangerous part of a theme park. While some rides do present serious hazards, injuries at a theme park can also result from:

Any of the above situations can potentially cause permanent disability or fatality. Other potential injuries can include:

Theme park accidents occur more often than the public might imagine. Theme parks include but are not limited to Universal Orlando, Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld Orlando, Disney’s Blizzard Beach, LEGOLAND Florida, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando, DisneyQuest, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Universal Studios Florida, Discovery Cove and many more.

Have You Been Hurt at a Theme Park, Water Park or Resort? Call an Injury Lawyer

If you have been the victim of an illness or injury because of a Disney World accident, or if you are now in the tragic position of having lost a loved one due to a fatal theme park accident, call our firm today. We offer a no-cost, confidential consultation to anyone who has been hurt or suffered loss due to the negligence of a theme park.

Although nothing can change the past, you may be able to secure compensation that can help your family recover from the injuries and pain of the accident. Call our firm today to take the first steps towards justice.

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