Suv Rollover Injuries

Was Your Family Injured in an SUV Rollover Accident?

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are some of the most popular automobiles in the country. They are particularly favored by families with multiple children. SUVs may feel safer than other automobiles due to their size, but their high centers of gravity and narrow suspensions make them more susceptible to auto roof crush during a rollover accident. Many vehicle manufacturers are aware of this but fail to provide adequate safety features to protect passengers in the event of a rollover car accident.

If your family suffered serious personal injuries in a rollover accident, you have rights under the law. At William McBride Law Group, we understand that you may feel equally angry, hurt and confused after the accident that harmed your family. From our Kissimmee, Orlando and Tampa offices in Florida and additional locations in , Denver, Boston, Albuquerque and Seattle, a local accident lawyer from our firm can offer compassionate and sensitive legal counsel that will help you find a solution and a way to move forward from the accident.

Orlando accident lawyer William McBride has dedicated his career to helping families affected by overwhelming personal injuries. He and his firm will aggressively fight to get clients what they need to heal after a car accident.

Large SUV after rollover

What Causes SUV Rollovers?

SUVs have a higher rollover rate than other types of automobiles. However, vehicle companies may not always invest in necessary safety measures, because skimping on safety measures helps increase the profits they make from each vehicle sold.

Multiple parties may be to blame for the suffering you and your family experienced. Our experienced accident lawyers may be able to help you bring legal action against the vehicle manufacturer, mechanic or the negligent driver that caused the accident to assist you in receiving accident compensation.

What Injuries Can Result from an SUV Rollover Accident?

Rollover accidents are an especially serious kind of car accident, and they can result in catastrophic personal injuries. SUV rollovers often result in roof crush scenarios, where the top of the vehicle collapses inward and causes immense harm to vehicle occupants. If an SUV rolls over during a car accident, passengers can potentially suffer:

Find an Accident Lawyer to Fight for the Most Accident Compensation After an SUV Rollover

You have rights under law, even if you are dealing with immigration-related issues. The experienced accident lawyer team at William McBride Law Group are prepared to fight for the recovery you and your family need after a car accident or SUV rollover. We understand the value of family, which is why our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping families in Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Washington put their lives back together.

Whether you need help paying for medical treatments or making up for lost wages, we can help you receive the accident compensation you deserve by taking action against the party who contributed to the harm you and your family experienced. Start moving forward and call our office today for a confidential, no-cost claim consultation in English or Spanish.

Our accident law firm works on a contingency basis, meaning our attorneys only receive payment if we are successful in getting you a settlement or verdict for your claim. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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