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Auto Related Injury Attorney

Each car accident lawyer at William McBride Law Group recognizes the potential car accidents have to cause overwhelming injuries and damage to victims and their families. These injuries can leave you unable to work, care for your children and support your household.

Airplane Crash Claims

An injury or the death of a loved one in an airplane crash is always a tragic experience. The pain is even greater if you learn that the accident could have been prevented. Negligent airlines must be held accountable when they cause injuries or wrongful death.

Compensation For Construction Injuries

Personal injury attorney William McBride believes in justice for all. After seeing his family suffer from injustice at a young age, he decided to dedicate his career to helping individuals and families harmed by the negligent actions of another.

Employment Compensation Claims

No one wants to file an employment compensation claim, but if you do an honest day’s work, you deserve an honest day’s pay. Unfortunately, many employers choose not to abide by this simple standard. There is no excuse for an employer withholding your wages.

Protect Guest On Property Injuries

Injury attorney William McBride believes in justice for all. Known as a fierce litigator, he has a long and established history of fighting aggressively on behalf of individuals and families who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries.

Lawyer Advice for Hotel Injury

Have you been injured while visiting a hotel or resort? Whether you were vacationing with your family or you were in the middle of an important business trip, you have the right to pursue legal action for any personal injuries you may have suffered. Injury lawyer William McBride is on your side and wants to fight back on your behalf.

Injury Lawyer For Mass Tort Litigation

Have you or a loved one been injured by a defective drug or medical device? If so, you are probably not alone. Others who took that drug or used that device are probably going through the same thing you and your family are.

Medical Malpractice

When you make an appointment to be treated at your local medical clinic or you enter a hospital for medical care, you do not expect the physicians, nursing staff or other trained medical professionals to hurt you.

Product Liability

When a product is purchased, you have the right to maintain certain expectations regarding the product. The foundation of those expectations is that the product will not cause harm to you or a loved one. That does not seem like to much to ask for from a product you intentionally chose to purchase.

Religious Discrimination

The right to freedom of religion is a protection offered by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The idea is a core principle upon which this country was founded, grounded by the simple truth that the first settlers here had fled severe persecution on religious ground in their homeland.

Sexual Harassment

Nearly 55 years ago, the U.S. Congress passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a federal law to prevent employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

Compensation For Work Related Injuries

Attorney William McBride understands how overwhelming it feels when a loved one is hurt on the job. When a worker is injured on the job or develops an occupational disease, that injury will affect the person’s income, family and livelihood.

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