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Airplane Injuries

An injury or the death of a loved one in an airplane crash is always a tragic experience. The pain is even greater if you learn that the accident could have been prevented. Negligent airlines must be held accountable when they cause injuries or wrongful death. Don't let airlines put up legal roadblocks to discourage you from pursuing justice.

Brain Injuries

Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be a life-altering experience, affecting not only the victim but also their family and loved ones. In the aftermath of such an event, seeking legal guidance becomes crucial to navigate the complexities of personal injury claims. Learn why individuals facing traumatic brain injuries may benefit from the expertise of a lawyer.

Car Accidents

Whiplash, fractures, concussions, and soft tissue injuries are among the common injuries sustained in car crashes. These injuries can lead to significant medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and emotional distress for the individuals involved. Seeking legal representation becomes crucial to ensure fair compensation for these damages.

Construction Injuries

Construction sites are, by nature, busy environments filled with workers, machinery and vehicles. With a great deal of activity taking place, construction sites require strict safety standards and vigilant managers to prevent serious accidents that could result in loss of limb, paralysis, permanent disability and wrongful death on construction sites.

Employment Compensation Claims

No one wants to file an employment compensation claim, but if you do an honest day’s work, you deserve an honest day’s pay. Unfortunately, many employers choose not to abide by this simple standard. If you feel that your employers have given you no other choice than to file an employment compensation claim, we can help you get back what they owe you under employment law.

Hotel & Resort Injuries

Have you been injured while visiting a hotel or resort? Whether you were vacationing with your family or you were in the middle of an important business trip, you have the right to pursue legal action for any personal injuries you may have suffered. An injury on a family vacation or in the midst of a business excursion can have physical, financial and emotional consequences.

Mass Tort Litigation

Have you or a loved one been injured by a defective drug or medical device? A mass tort lawsuit is a personal injury case in which a large group of people sues one or more companies, because the companies’ products injured them or gave them a disease. Through mass tort litigation, we may be able to help you recover compensation for defective drugs or medical devices to help you get you life back on track.

Medical Malpractice

When you make an appointment to be treated at your local medical clinic or you enter a hospital for medical care, you do not expect the physicians, nursing staff or other trained medical professionals to hurt you. Our attorneys know that victims of medical negligence have to deal with the pain from their injuries or the heartbreak of an incorrect diagnosis, but also all of the questions that will follow.

Premises Liability

When an injury occurs on the property of another, the owner of the property may be at fault. Liability can be established if it is determined that the property owner was negligent for failing to maintain his property or give proper warning of dangerous conditions. This includes slip and fall injuries. Failure of property owners to maintain safe conditions or notify potential guests of hazardous conditions could constitute negligence.

Product Liability

When a product is purchased, you have the right to maintain certain expectations regarding the product. The foundation of those expectations is that the product will not cause harm to you or a loved one. When a defective product results in injury, you have a right to pursue compensation for medical expenses and justice. Safe products that work correctly are the cornerstone of our economy, and we need to fight to prevent defective goods from undermining confidence.

Religious Discrimination

In a diverse society, religious freedom is a fundamental right that should be respected and protected. Unfortunately, religious discrimination still exists in various forms, affecting individuals in their workplaces, communities, and beyond. If you find yourself facing discrimination based on your religious beliefs, it may be crucial to seek the assistance of a skilled religious discrimination lawyer. Take informed steps towards justice if you face religious discrimination.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality that many individuals face in various aspects of their lives. Whether it occurs in the workplace, educational institutions, or public spaces, the impact can be severe, leading victims to seek legal recourse. If you find yourself a victim of sexual harassment, understanding the types, causes, and legal avenues available is crucial. Choosing a reputable lawyer like William McBride ensures that you have a strong advocate by your side.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slips and falls are common occurrences. Many times, slips and falls are simple accidents that do not result in serious injury. However, there are other cases where a simple fall can lead to a bone fracture, concussion or paralysis. Slip and fall accidents are major causes of brain injuries and broken bones, particularly for elderly individuals. Contact us if you were injured in a slip and fall accident.

Skiing Accidents

Skiing is a thrilling and popular winter activity that attracts enthusiasts from around the world. While it provides an exhilarating experience, skiing accidents can happen, leading to injuries that may require legal attention. Learn more about the details of skiing accidents, the common types of injuries sustained, and why seeking legal representation may be crucial for those affected.

Workers Compensation

When a worker is injured on the job or develops an occupational disease, that injury will affect the person’s income, family and livelihood. We protect the rights of all workers, regardless of their immigration status. Whether you are pursuing a workers’ compensation claim or considering legal action, we are prepared to help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Workplace Discrimination

In today’s dynamic and diverse workplaces, issues related to discrimination can unfortunately arise, affecting employees in various ways. Workplace discrimination is a serious matter that can have significant consequences for individuals and their professional lives. Learn about the common types of workplace discrimination and the state laws relevant to these cases.

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