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Sick After Swimming in a Pool? An Injury Lawyer Can Investigate the Cause

Injury lawyer William McBride knows how to fight aggressively for what his clients deserve. Attorney McBride has a reputation as a fierce litigator who gets results. If you or a family member suffered personal injuries or water borne illnesses due to a negligently maintained swimming pool, he wants to hear your story. Through legal action, you can receive damages to help you recover from a disease you contracted due to someone else’s negligence.

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What Causes Pool and Water Borne Illnesses?

Swimming areas and water parks can breed illnesses. Recreational Water-Related Illness (RWI) is a well-known public health issue, and one of the most common RWIs occurs when human fecal matter enters a swimming area, usually from a guest with diarrhea or unwashed skin. Contamination spreads microscopic bacteria when other guests unknowingly swallow the swimming water. Some germs, such as cryptosporidium, are resistant to chlorine and can live for several days in even the best-maintained pools. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), cryptosporidium has become one of the leading causes of RWIs. Open water recreational areas and beaches can also be contaminated by amoebic infections, such as Naegleria fowleri, sewage spills, industrial runoff and litter. Both fresh and salt water may carry pathogens that cause illnesses, which is why people should never swallow water when swimming. Public health agencies monitor water for pathogens and warn the public of unsafe bacterial levels. However, it may take several incidents before a warning is issued. If you are the victim of an illness caused by a swimming pool, hotel or resort, theme park or open water recreation area, do not delay in seeking an injury attorney who will protect your rights.

Our Injury Attorneys Assist Victims of Common Pool Illnesses

There can be many different bacteria and diseases in swimming pools and bodies of water. They include:

  • Giardia, a bacteria that causes stomach problems
  • Shigella, causing stomach infections
  • E. coli, potentially resulting in severe kidney damage
  • Hot tub rashes
  • Ear infections
  • Legionellosis, leading to pneumonia

While some of these diseases can resolve themselves in a matter of days, others may require hospitalization and long-term treatment that could potentially cost thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Free Attorney Advice for Swimming Pool Illnesses

Cases involving RWI must be established early to rule out the possibility of outside contributing factors. Contact our injury attorneys today for a confidential consultation about your case. We offer compassionate and experienced legal counsel. Our attorneys can accommodate both English and Spanish speaking clients, and we can protect your rights and fight for what you need to recover from a pool illness.

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