Young Boy Killed in Polk County Box Truck Accident

June 17, 2015

On June 6 in Polk County, a freightliner box truck rear-ended a white Toyota that was stopped at a traffic signal at Highway 27 and Polo Park Boulevard.

According to the report on the box truck accident, two children were seated in the back of the Toyota, a young boy and girl. On the impact of the box truck, the back of the Toyota was crushed forward into backseat of the car.

The young boy died, and the girl, in critical condition after the wreck, was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital. The children’s father, sitting in the driver seat of the car during the crash, was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center with serious injuries, while the driver of the box truck was taken to an area hospital with minor injuries.

Box Truck Accidents and Crashes Involving other Large Vehicles

In any accident involving a collision between a large, freight-hauling vehicle and a smaller passenger car, the smaller vehicle will almost always take the very worst of the damage in the wreck, and this usually means that those riding in the car are in serious danger of injury or death.

As in the tragic wreck in Polk County, instances of parked or standing passenger vehicles being hit by larger vehicles like 18-wheelers or box trucks are especially dangerous, as it is much more difficult to avoid being hit by a large moving vehicle if your car is idling at an intersection or parked along the side of the road or street.

In the case of serious injuries or wrongful deaths resulting from such auto accidents like these, the families of victims or the victims themselves should seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney to find out how to recover from losses resulting from the accident.

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