Who is Liable for Boat Accident Injuries?

July 15, 2015

According to a 7News report featured on wsvn.com, five people were taken to the hospital with injuries after a 32-foot boat crashed into a jetty near Pompano Beach.

Investigators quoted in the news report thought that the operator of the boat may have miscalculated the approach of the craft into Hillsboro Inlet.

According to the 7News report, among those injured were a young boy who was airlifted from the scene of the boat accident to Broward Health Medical Center with injuries, the boat’s captain who was taken to Broward Health North in critical condition, and another passenger who was onboard during the crash and said he broke his shoulder when the boat impacted onto rocky ground.

Who is Responsible for Injuries in Boat Accidents?

After a boat accident, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions about where the liability for passenger injuries or wrongful death should fall. After a proper investigation into the boat accident has been performed, you will have a much better picture of who you should hold responsible. Depending on the circumstances, the liability may be with:

  • The operator of the boat, if he or she made an error in judgment that led to the physical harm of passengers.
  • The manufacturer of the boat, if an equipment failure caused the crash that resulted injury or death of passengers.
  • The captain of the boat, if orders were given to the boat’s crew that led to passenger injuries or deaths.
  • Harbor personnel, if they gave incorrect directions to the boat as it entered port, causing it to crash into another vessel or part of the dock, or making it run aground.

What Can You Do After Experiencing a Serious Boat Accident?

Anyone who affected by a boat accident should speak with a personal injury attorney. A dedicated and experienced injury lawyer can determine who was at fault for the accident and help you pursue the legal damages that you deserve.

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