When are Road Conditions to Blame for Car Accidents?

June 22, 2015

As reported by ActionNewsJax.com, a 42-year-old woman lost her life after a bicycle accident close to the intersection of Mayport Road and Edgar Street when she was struck by a motorist. The vehicle, heading south on Mayport Road, hit the cyclist when she pulled out into the street in front of the car, according to a Florida Highway Patrol source.

According to the report, a witness who works at a store near the scene of the accident said that the woman was knocked off the bike by the impact of the motor vehicle and “flipped in the air.” The woman was taken to UF Health Jacksonville, where she died of her injuries.

The witness also mentioned the safety of the road where the car accident occurred. “[The road] is just so dangerous,” the witness said. As detailed in the news report, the Florida Department of Transportation said that traffic engineers are evaluating the road where the accident occurred and plan to examine possible courses of action.

When the Road Itself May Be a Factor in a Car Accident

Before a full investigation into a particular car accident is completed, one shouldn’t rush to judgment about where the blame for the incident should fall. In some cases, someone involved in the crash or bystanders who witnessed it may think that the cause is clear, but this may not be the case.

In some instances, the safety conditions of the road itself may be to blame for causing a tragic accident. Low visibility of oncoming traffic lanes or a poor state of repair in road surfaces are examples of ways that road conditions can contribute to auto accidents taking place. In some cases, municipal bodies who knew of road-related dangers but did nothing to fix them could be liable for damage that occurs as a result.

If you believe you were hurt in an accident caused by unsafe road conditions, speak with a personal injury attorney to review your options.

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