What if I Lose a Loved One in an Industrial Accident?

June 29, 2015

A man was killed on June 15 in an industrial accident that took place at a recycling facility in Winter Garden, Florida, according to a mynews13.com article.

A Winter Garden police source quoted in the news report said the man’s job was to operate and clean the recycling plant’s bailer, a machine used to compact and secure cardboard boxes of recyclables that the plant ships to other companies.

When staff could not find the man, they noticed a ladder leading up to an open hatch on the machine. His body was discovered inside the bailer.

According to a Winter Garden police source, the manufacturer of the bailer had indicated that there were safety devices that should cause the machine to power down “if certain things happen.”

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You After a Workplace Accident

Industrial accidents can be deadly, and they can lead to amputations, brain injuries, spinal injuries, paralysis, or wrongful death.

When deaths occur in workplace accidents, a number of different people or entities could be liable. If the harm was due to faulty equipment failing in the normal course of work, the manufacturer could be held responsible. In cases where the company employing the person had lax safety regulations or standards, the liability may be with the employer. Or, if the accident was due to the negligence of another worker, he or she may be liable for damages related to the resulting injury or death.

If you lose a loved one in an industrial accident, a personal injury attorney can assist you in determining what to do next. You need an experienced and competent attorney help you and your family recover from a tragic workplace accident.

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