Two Different Cyclists Killed by Hit-and-Run Drivers Within 24 Hours in Florida

March 30, 2016

There was not one, but two different cyclists killed by hit-and-run drivers in the Orlando area within a 24-hour period. Both men were in their early 50s and were riding after sunset.

The first man was struck from behind and thrown from his bicycle. Authorities report that he was killed immediately, but that the driver, a 23-year-old Orlando resident, did not stop. The driver allegedly abandoned his car before returning to work the next day where he was found and arrested. He has since been charged with murder, vehicular homicide, driving without a license, and leaving the scene of an accident involving death.

The second bicycle accident occurred less than 24 hours later. A 54-year-old cyclist was hit by the driver of a Chevrolet S-10 truck. The accident occurred shortly after 9 p.m., and witnesses described the culprit’s vehicle, but the driver has not yet been located. Police are asking that people be on the lookout for an S-10 with front-end damage.

Catching Hit-and-Run Drivers

Locating hit-and-run drivers is notoriously difficult. Without the help of witnesses and observant citizens, it can be extremely hard to find hit-and-run drivers after they’ve left the scene of the accident.

Hit-and-run drivers commonly leave behind severely injured victims, or worse, which makes them a serious plague on the roads. If you are injured in a hit-and-run accident, you would be well-advised to consult a personal injury attorney. They can work on your behalf, questioning witnesses and examining evidence to help locate the driver that hit you, and hold them responsible for what they did to you.

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