Truck Accident Overturned Two Dumptrucks on Maitland Boulevard

July 17, 2015

Maitland Boulevard was shut down on June 29 after a truck accident involving two dumptrucks ended with their respective cargoes spilling across the roadway, according to a report.

One truck was following the other. The first slowed down as it approached slow-rolling traffic, and the trailing dumptruck slammed into its rear, overturning both vehicles and sending their cargo across Maitland Boulevard. Both trucks spilled their cargo of sand across the road and were also leaking diesel onto the roadway, according to the news report, which mentioned no injuries to either driver or any motorists that near the scene of the truck accident.

Hazardous Cargo Can Make a Truck Accident Much More Dangerous

While this crash caused little more than some property damage and maybe a bruised ego and a traffic ticket for the driver who rear-ended the other dumptruck, had their cargo been more hazardous, the accident could have been much more tragic.

Big rigs pulling fuel containers represent a serious danger to other motorists if a traffic accident causes the container to rupture, presenting a deadly fire hazard to anyone nearby. Even simple road repair or building materials can represent deadly obstacles to other motorists if truck accident involving such cargo occurs on a heavily populated roadway at a high rate of speed. Flying debris could obstruct drivers’ vision or even come crashing through their windshields, causing injuries or wrongful death, or resulting in deadly multiple car pile-ups.

Anyone injured by any sort of truck accident should speak with a personal injury attorney about pursuing damages against the responsible parties. If you are hurt by another’s negligence in a truck accident, you do have legal options.

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