Tips for Saving Money at Theme Parks

August 12, 2015

Summer theme park vacations are the light at the end of the tunnel for kids and parents alike. Everybody goes to school or work every day looking forward to all those rides, park foods, water slides, and shows to come, but more often than not, parents also spend just as much time lamenting how much money it cost when the vacation is over. Here are some tips to have just as much fun at the park, while spending a little less for it.

  • Buy your tickets in advance – Buying your tickets in advance usually affords you certain discounts that buying at the gate will not allow. For example, buying tickets online in advance for Universal Orlando saves $20 on all multi-day tickets, and gets you a coupon book to save you money on purchases in the park. It also saves your family from having to wait in line outside the park on the special day.
  • Set a daily budget for the kids – This can be something like setting a daily snack budget. Let the kids know that once they’ve spent the budget amount, they’ll just have to wait until dinner. Older children and teenagers are also fully capable of setting a budget and saving for things themselves. If the kids know in advance about the trip, tell them to start saving up allowance money for souvenirs.
  • Get multi-day, multi-park tickets – If the theme park you are going to has multiple parks, like Disney World or Universal Orlando, buy the multi-day tickets that get you entry to multiple parks. Buying single day, single park tickets will end up costing you more.
  • Go just before or after peak season – Planning your trip for September, for instance, will allow you to take advantage of more discounts. The weather is still nice, but there aren’t as many crowds.
  • Book the right hotels – Look for places that offer complimentary breakfast and transportation to the theme park of your choice. A free breakfast can save upwards of $40-$50 a day for a family of four. Free transportation from the hotel removes the stress of paying for gas, following directions to get to your destination, finding a place to park, and the nightmare of finding that place you parked when you’re ready to leave.

Taking the kids to Disney World, Universal Orlando, or any other theme park does not have to be a debt sentence. There are plenty of ways to save money so that you and your family can enjoy all the entertainment a theme park offers without the financial remorse afterwards

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