Tampa Man Killed in Delivery Truck Accident

June 12, 2015

On May 21 in Tampa, a man in his mid-50’s was run over by a Coca-Cola truck at the intersection of Hillsborough and Nebraska Avenue, with the accident resulting in the pedestrian’s death. The man and another pedestrian crossed the intersection ahead of the appearance of the safe-to-cross signal. The driver of the Coke truck waited for the two to pass, even though the driver had a green light and the right-of-way to move through the Hillsborough-Nebraska Avenue intersection.

After crossing in front of the truck, the two pedestrians stopped on the center median to wait to cross the other lane of traffic, and as the Coke truck began to drive through the intersection, the man lost his footing and fell from the center median and into the path of the rear wheels of the truck. The man was flown from the scene of the accident to Tampa General Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries, according to a Tampa police spokesperson.

Injured in a Pedestrian-Truck Accident – Who is Responsible?

It can be difficult to determine outright as to where the blame for an accident should fall until a full investigation into the event has been completed.

Any number of factors may come into play in accidents resulting in pedestrian injuries, such as the condition of the vehicle involved, potential auto defects, unknown circumstances that may be affecting the driver’s performance, or perhaps the state of the pedestrian walkways near the scene of the accident.

If you yourself are injured by a motorist and feel that you may be partially responsible, you can still contact an attorney to find out what legal options are open to you. The potential injuries resulting from an accident could be costly, but you can find out for free from an injury attorney whether you have the option to pursue litigation in such cases.

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