A Drunk Driver Allegedly Killed a Veteran on New Year’s Eve

January 20, 2016

A veteran was recently killed in a drunk driving accident just hours after posting a Facebook status full of his hopes and wishes for 2016. The victim, 31, was riding his motorcycle in Seminole when a suspected drunk driver did not yield at a stop sign and turned directly into his path.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. His friends have since made a roadside memorial in honor of their fallen friend. The victim was a former U.S. Marine, and had recently taken a job working in the medical field. He was also a prominent member of a Christian motorcycle club.

“He was awesome. No words can describe how he was. How full of energy he was. He was just a ray of sunshine,” one friend told Fox35 Orlando.

In a Facebook post he made just before the motorcycle accident, the victim reflected on his experiences in 2015, saying that “I’ve lost, I’ve gained, family is closer and tougher than ever before, loved ones lost, and new friends found,” but it was his final sentiment that struck the hardest.

“I really don’t know where I’ll end up tonight but I do know where I windup is where I’m meant to be.”

Drunk Driving Accidents in Numbers

According to MADD, an organization dedicated to stopping drunk driving, a car accident involving one or more drunk drivers occurs every two minutes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 28 people are killed in drunk driving accidents every day in America.

Also, drunk driving accidents reportedly cost the government as much as $199 billion every year, which boils down to about $800 out of every taxpayer’s pocket.

Putting an end to drunk driving can only be done by showing drunk drivers that their actions are not without consequence. The victims and their families are entitled to justice.

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