How Can I Drive Safely Near a Train Track?

February 4, 2015

Have you ever wondered how you can safely drive your vehicle around train tracks?

Remember, as a driver, your goals should always involve being as safe as possible around train tracks to prevent an accident from occurring, as collisions are often fatal or can lead to debilitating injuries like brain injuries, amputations and spinal cord injuries.

Tips for Driving Safely Near Train Tracks

Keep in mind, close to 95 percent of all rail-related deaths involve drivers going through crossings illegally. With this in mind, Operation Lifesaver came up with safety tips for drivers encountering train tracks:

  • Never race a train to the crossing.
  • If you see a train approaching, wait for it to go by before you proceed across the tracks.
  • Never drive around lowered gates.
  • If your vehicle ever stalls on a track with a train coming, get out immediately and quickly move away from the tracks in the direction from which the train is coming.

A SunRail Train Crash

It appears as though a driver in Orlando did not follow the advice listed above when he or she was involved in a SunRail train accident on January 12. Fortunately, the driver of a vehicle that allegedly tried to drive around a lowered traffic arm was uninjured in the accident.

However, even though there were no injuries, the driver’s vehicle was severely damaged in the incident.

“The driver tried to beat the train,” said Orlando police representative Lt. Darron Esan, according to the Orlando Sentinel. “The driver will be at fault.”

The driver is very lucky to be alive. In Florida, in 2013, there were 12 people killed in accidents around train crossings and 31 people injured, according to Operation Lifesaver.

Should I Contact an Attorney Following a Train Accident?

Just because many car accidents involving trains are caused by driver error does not mean that you should not have your case investigated. If you came across a train track with a faulty gate or arm, or improper signage or warning lights, you may be entitled to damages.

Did You Know? With 65 accidents in 2013, Florida had the ninth most train collisions involving rail crossings in the U.S.


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