Why Do Boating Accidents Occur in Florida?

January 7, 2015

Florida offers many great attractions to visitors, one of which is an abundance of water for boating

Unfortunately, this also leads to a great deal of boating accidents. In 2013, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation’s Boating Accident Statistical Report indicated that there were 736 reportable boating accidents in the Sunshine State, resulting in 62 fatalities. The number includes people who went missing and could not be located.

According to the agency, most of the deaths were a result of people falling overboard and drowning, and a large number could have been prevented with lifejacket use. Additionally, alcohol or negligence played a role in many of these accidents. Keep in mind, there are nearly 900,000 registered vessels in Florida.

According to the FWC, in 2013:

  • 42 percent of fatal boating accidents were a result of falling overboard
  • The leading cause of death was drowning (74 percent)
  • The deadliest month was December, with 12 fatalities
  • Alcohol or drug use played a role in 15 percent of fatal accidents
  • 84 percent of accident victims were male

A Tragic Lake Jesup Airboat Accident

Sadly, on December 28, an airboat crashed in Lake Jesup, killing the boat operator and one of four passengers. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the accident occurred when the operator allegedly misjudged a clearance with a bridge and struck it.

Killed in the crash were Mark Anthony Cruz, 51, of Mims, and passenger Joel Thomas Arnold, 53, of Orlando. The remaining occupants in the boat were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Can I Contact an Attorney About a Boating Accident?

If you have been seriously injured in a boating accident or have lost a loved one, our attorneys are here to assist you. We can investigate the accident to determine if negligence played a role. This includes instances where alcohol may have been involved or there were issues with safety equipment on the vessel.

Our injury attorneys offer the experience you need when you have been hurt in a boat accident and are considering legal action.

McBride, Scicchitano & Leacox, P.A. – Injury Attorneys  

Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-boating-accident-lake-jesup-search-20141229-story.html

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