Bicycle Accident Involving Alligator Causes Brain Injury

July 24, 2015

Practicing safe cycling is important anywhere, but especially in Florida, where alligator carcasses can cause bicycle accidents. A man involved in a bicycle accident with a dead alligator recently told his story to the local press. He went into detail on how painful his recovery has been after suffering multiple fractures, a collapsed lung, several broken ribs and a brain injury. It took nine days in a medically-induced coma before he recovered. The story shows how severe bicycle accidents can become for survivors.

According to the injured cyclist, his group can usually spot road debris and call it out beforehand, but everyone missed the alligator corpse.

How Can Cyclists Avoid Bicycle Accidents?

Although the cyclist in this story plans to make a full recovery from a brain injury and multiple fractures, not everyone will be as lucky. While tripping your bicycle over a dead alligator is probably unlikely to happen, other more common road hazards can cause dangerous cycling conditions.

Vehicles are the greatest threat to cyclists, causing hundreds of fatal bicycle accidents every year. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show 743 cyclists died in accidents involving vehicles in 2013.

Riding in groups and wearing bright clothing can make it easier for vehicles to spot cyclists. Reflecting tape can also help visibility during the late afternoon. However, the most important rule for cyclists is to assume vehicles cannot see them.

For more information on bicycle accidents and options available to survivors and grieving family members, please continue to explore our website.

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