Avoiding a Fallen Ladder Leads to a Fatal Car Accident

March 20, 2015

Car accidents can occur for many reasons. Road debris or unsecured loads are a cause of auto accidents that many people do not think about when it comes to road safety.

Recently in St. Johns County, a man was killed when he swerved to avoid a ladder that fell out of the car driving in front of him. He was able to get out of the way of the ladder, but he over-corrected, which caused his truck and the RV he was towing to jack-knife. His truck was found upside down in a ditch that was filled with water. The driver’s wife, who was a passenger, managed to survive.

The person at fault in this accident may be unclear to some people. Is the driver at fault for swerving out of the way? Is the other driver at fault because an object fell out of his or her truck? Is it one of those situations in which no one can be found at fault?

Who is at Fault If an Unsecure Load Causes an Accident?

Florida law requires that all vehicles must secure their cargo properly. As such, a truck driver could be at fault if his or her unsecure load causes someone else to crash.

If the truck in question belongs to a company, then it is possible for three entities to be at fault. That is, the fault could fall on the driver, the company that owns the truck and the company that was responsible for loading the truck.

To prove fault for an accident caused by an unsecure load, you will need an attorney experienced in handling a range of truck accidents.

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Source: http://accidentdatacenter.com/us/florida/jacksonville-fl/15/02/26/stavros-j-dalambakis-59-killed-and-jacqueline-dalambakis-60-injured-pickup-crash-while-avoiding

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