Airplane Crash Claims

Injured After an Airplane Accident?

An Injury Lawyer is Available to Investigate

injury lawyerAn injury or the death of a loved one in an airplane crash is always a tragic experience. The pain is even greater if you learn that the accident could have been prevented. Negligent airlines must be held accountable when they cause injuries or wrongful death. Airlines are large corporations that may attempt to put up legal roadblocks to discourage you from pursuing justice.

Injury lawyer William McBride can represent your family against the intimidating airline industry. He is known as a fighter due to his aggressive litigation style. He does not back down from fighting for justice on behalf of his clients. Regardless of your current legal situation, he wants to help your family begin moving forward. Although financial compensation can never change the past or bring back your loved one, it can help your family deal with the consequences after a sudden loss.

When is the Airline at Fault for a Plane Accident?

Airline companies, especially major carriers, are corporate entities that sometimes place profits above the well-being of their passengers. These companies act in self-defense when a serious injury or death happens onboard their aircraft. They are also quick to claim that onboard medical equipment was available in accordance with the law, and that flight attendants administered treatment in accordance with their training. However, laws often fall short in airline medical equipment requirements, and flight attendants do not always receive proper training.

Jurisdiction issues may also arise when pursuing legal action against an airline, particularly if the company is not based in the United States. Laws can vary immensely from country to country, and navigating foreign legal systems requires expertise in the field of international law. Settlements may not constitute admissions of liability and battling a major airline’s legal team can be formidable.

What Can I Do After an Airplane Accident?

Multiple parties may be liable for the injuries and death that crash victims may suffer. Your injury attorney can help you pursue legal action against the airline, airplane manufacturer, air traffic controllers and part manufacturers who contributed to the crash.

Airlines have legal teams that will stop at nothing to discredit your claim and prevent your family from getting the compensation they deserves. However, you can ensure that your rights are respected when you have our qualified and experienced injury attorney working on your behalf. You can potentially gain compensation for the following:

  • Medical treatments that you or your loved one needed after the crash.
  • Funeral expenses.
  • Loss of financial support from your loved one.
  • Loss of emotional support and comfort from your loved one.
  • Pain and suffering of your family.

Injury Lawyer That Handle Airplane Crash Claims

Contact our injury lawyer today for a confidential, professional evaluation of your situation. Attorney McBride understands what it feels like to watch one’s family suffer. He is ready to help you take up the fight against the airline that contributed to your loved one’s death. Whatever your story might be, our firm wants to hear it and put our injury lawyer ready to help you.

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